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Your Recovery Starts Here

If you have been injured and want to recover fast, kinesiology & active rehabilitation will get you on the road to recovery. Through a proactive approach to injury management, we will help you alleviate joint pain and stiffness, strengthen weakened muscles, and rebalance your entire body. A specific program with a series of exercises will be specifically designed to fit your injury, fitness level, and demands of your daily life.

Key Benefits:

  • Specific programs designed to suit your needs
  • Rapid healing process
  • Recover from an injury or accident
  • Prevent future injury
  • Education about your body

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What You Need To Know

Injuries Treated & Techniques Used

We treat a full range of injuries and pains using a spectrum of modalities, techniques, and technology.


Insurance Accepted

We direct bill many common insurance companies so you can focus on getting better!


Our Philosophy

We’ve crafted a rehab experienced around patient care and ensuring you have a speedy recovery.


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Meet Your Kinesiologists

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The Pitt Meadows Wellness Difference

Direct Insurance Billing

Our treatments are priced competitively and many of our services are covered by health insurance. We also accept ICBC & WorkSafe BC claims.

Convenient Hours

We’re open evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. New patients are always welcome!

Well Reviewed / 4.9 Stars

We’ve been in business for over 27 years and have 4.9 stars on Google.

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Quick access from Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam & Langley to a wide range of services.

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Additional Information

Kinesiology sessions may be covered with some extended health insurance plans. Check with your insurance plan for further details.
Kinesiologists proactively assist clients by planning and arranging services to facilitate a safe return to work and to improve other activities of daily living. In cases where a return to work is not possible, we assist in determining the level of impairment and job retraining required. Other related services can include job coaching and insurance or health benefit claim management.
ICBC covers the cost of Kinesiology sessions within the first 12 weeks after a car accident. They may cover further sessions with approval.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the science of human movement. Kinesiologists apply the latest evidence-based scientific research to help improve your health and wellness.

How Does Kinesiology Work?

We provide functional assessment and treatment services for the rehabilitation of people suffering from physical injuries sustained at work, in automobile collisions, in sports and other life activities.

One of our primary services is active rehabilitation, which consists of the assessment of physical function followed by the implementation and progression of an individually structured and tailored exercise program to enhance and promote the safe and dependable return to an individual’s regular life activities.

We can also perform specialized services, such as biomechanical analysis of injury, conduct job demands analysis, and functional capacity evaluations in relation to an individual’s occupational requirements.

Why Choose Kinesiology at Pitt Meadows Wellness?

At our clinic, rehabilitation programs are individualized and personally tailored to your specific injury, as well as your lifestyle and ability to complete the exercises at home. The rehabilitation exercises are always first demonstrated by one of our chiropractors, physiotherapists or kinesiologists. The exercises can then be completed at home or at our rehab facility under professional supervision.

Parts of your custom program may include muscle strengthening, core stabilization, balance training, proprioceptive training, stretching and sport-specific movement training.

We provide exercise and lifestyle-based services to enhance the lives of those suffering from chronic diseases or physical and neurological injuries, such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorder, osteoporosis, arthritis, and traumatic brain injury.

Kinesiologists work with seniors to develop customized programs to improve and maintain mobility, health and well-being during their “Third Age” (aka the golden years). We help you build physical activity into your routine to prevent disease, such as lung and heart disease; to manage chronic pain (e.g. from arthritis) and conditions such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease; to reduce the risk of falls; and to improve cognitive functional and mental health.

What is Prehabilitation?

We also have a pre-habilitation program, as opposed to rehabilitation, which encourages you to perform specific physical conditioning, strengthening exercises or motor training prior to an anticipated medical procedure, such as a surgery. Pre-habilitation can also be used to prevent athletic injury.

When surgery candidates complete a pre-habilitation program before entering surgery, their outcomes will be significantly affected in a positive way. After surgery, rehabilitation will take less time because your body will have been prepared.

Each of our pre-habilitation programs is tailored to suit your needs. We will assess your capacity, goals and facilities and resources available to you. We always re-evaluate your pre-habilitation program as your needs change.

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Our Process to Improving your Health and Wellbeing

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The first step to improving your health is booking a new appointment.
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Initial Assessment

Meet your practitioner, tell us about your injury or condition, your goals and begin your recovery on day one. We’ll provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Your Body, Your Decisions

Once we have shared our recommendations, we want you to make the best decisions for yourself. We will never be pushy or recommend treatments that you do not need.

New Patients Welcome

We always warmly welcome new patients to our office and accept all major insurance companies as well as ICBC & WorkSafe BC claims. Give us a call or fill out the form to request an appointment.


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